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- Latest -

The first 2 chalets have been erected beside the Crib, where live animals will go in on Friday 12th December, that is just in a week time.
posted 05/12/2014

The Crib and the Christmas Tree have now been erected.
posted 30/11/2014

2014 High Kings' Christmas Market

aka 2014 Navan Christmas Market

last update 06/12/2014

The High Kings' Christmas Market is the very first Christmas market we are going to organise in Navan, in conjunction with Meath County Council.

- What's on -

The Christmas market will be built around the Live Crib, the Christmas Tree and the Santa Grotto

12 days of Christmas a short drive from Dublin, the like of Belfast, Galway and Dublin, with a human touch!

Thirty stalls of the best the High Kings' County has to offered.

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